Tiger Woods Blogs About Family and Golf


Tiger Woods is continuing his media strategy in the hopes of winning back fans and obviously, endorsement deals. Earlier today, he discussed his experience at the Masters in a blog post on his website, where he tries to remind those still paying attention that he isn’t such a bad guy after all.

“I tried and wanted to interact with as many fans as I could. One little girl gave me a letter on the third tee, which was awfully sweet. I knew a few people in the gallery, including my mom, which was nice,” Woods wrote.

But did you save any kittens from trees while you were out there, Tiger? Help any old ladies across the wild cart paths at Augusta National? Give anyone the Heimlich? I mean, if you really want to rehab your image, you’re going to have to do a little better than your mom and some random kid.

But in an interesting aside toward the end of the post, he also referred to his family. Check out what he said:“I took a little time off after the Masters to go scuba diving and spend time with my family,” Woods writes. It is an interesting choice of words, because we all know that by family, he means his kids, since he and Elin weren’t within 100 miles of each other. But if he writes, ‘spend time with my kids’, he is all but admitting the end of his marriage. (And we’d all be writing “Look! Notice he didn’t say his wife!”)

Of course there’s still a chance, albeit what seems like a tiny one given all the divorce speculation surrounding the embattled golfer and his estranged wife, that these two are going to work it out. Or, like the story about his mom and the little girl, maybe it is simply another piece of the well-crafted media campaign he is quietly mounting.

/Photo: Pacific Coast News