Tiger Woods' British Babe Revealed


Tiger Woods' mistressWatch out Elin! There’s another woman allegedly to have been involved with Tiger Woods and she looks a lot like you. Meet British mom Emma Rotherham. The 42-year-old has a daughter of 16 and another of 25. She lives near Tiger’s home in Isleworth, Florida.

An insider claims she was paid around $500,000 in cash to keep their 18-month affair secret. One hundred bills were stuffed into a sports bag and given to her by a member of Tiger’s security team early in January.

The source tells News of The World that Emma was kept in a hotel to hide from the media right before Christmas.

During their affair, Tiger often used text to contact her. He would text Emma to complain about his 30-year-old wife. One message said: “Having bad day – Elin being cranky.” On other occasions he’d talk about his family life. One text said: “On daddy duty today.”

The source added: “Emma has tried to contact Tiger since but hasn’t heard back. And I doubt she ever will. She was pretty confident her secret would never get out but there are just too many people who knew about the affair.”

I wonder who this source is? It’s someone obviously close to her that  knows all the details and wants to get paid for spilling the beans!