Tiger Woods Cigar Guy Has His Own Twitter Feed Now! Here's What He's Saying

cigar guy
Tiger Woods Cigar Guy has his own Twitter feed now

His face has popped up near famous dads across the sports world over the past 24 hours as the Cigar Guy meme, from Tiger Woods to Michael Jordan to Muhammad Ali. Now the Tiger Woods Cigar Guy has his own Twitter feed! Of course no one knows if it’s the real Cigar Guy (how do you get verified for that?), but someone had enough savvy to start the account about nine hours ago, and he’s tweeted 56 times since then, starting with this jewel: “Hey, Thanks Tiger! You made me famous~”

Since then, Cigar Guy has not revealed his true identity maybe he is a superhero of some sort, teaching kids to laugh at life? nor his aims, besides garnering as much fame as possible.

He’s quite the egotist, retweeting mostly tweets that have to do with him. But he’s also opening dialogues with famous people like Rainn Wilson, who tweeted about Cigar Guy earlier today. And Cigar Guy may be a “Chuck” fan he’s only following six people, and one is Zachary Levi.

If you’re interested in following him, his handle is @TigersCigarGuy. He’s only got 12 followers so far (including me), so help a guy out?