Tiger Woods Cigar Guy Revealed - A Miguel Angel Jimenez Impersonator!

tiger woods cigar guy
Miguel Angel Jimenez

The Tiger Wood Cigar Guy took the Internet by storm overnight, but further reflection shows that the dude may be a Migel Angel Jimenez impersonator. 

In the incredibly timed photo which was captured as Tiger Woods hit a ball directly at the cameraman, the “Cigar Guy” can be seen dressed in a wig, fake mustache, and cigar in tribute to flamboyant Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez. 

The cigar guy has become the modern equivalent of “Where’s Waldo” being photoshopped into iconic images around the world. 

So who is Miguel Angel Jimenez?

While he’s not an iconic name in the United State, Jimenez has a significant following in Europe where he has eighteen wins on the European Golf Tour.   He was a member of this year’s winning European Ryder Cup team. 

He and his wife Montserrat have two children, Miguel Angel, 15, and Victor, 11.

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