Tiger Woods Divorce: $750 Million? Lifetime Confidentiality?


Well, I had high hopes that Tiger Wood and Elin Nordegren were going to go their separate ways quickly and cleanly for the sake of their children, but that was probably not all that realistic. When you are talking about the world’s richest athlete, the woman he cheated on with 15 others, and custody of two children, things are bound to get a little…intense.

So what seem to be the issues at stake right now? Money, publicity and the kids.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Elin wants a financial settlement in the neighborhood of $750 million. (I thought she wanted to buy a house in Sweden, but as it turns out, she may actually be looking to purchase the entire country.) In all likelihood, that’s not in cold hard cash, but includes the division of assets, properties, investments, et cetera. She also wants sole custody of the children.

Tiger’s biggest demand? That Elin sign a lifetime confidentiality agreement, which would ban her from writing any tell-alls or memoirs, doing any 60 Minutes interviews, and perhaps even from writing “I hate Tiger” on the back of her Trapper Keeper. In short, she’d have to keep her grievances to herself, and in doing so, she wouldn’t be able to profit off them.

Hmmm…tough call. I mean, with $750 million in the bank, do you ever need another source of income? On the other hand, this woman has refrained from commenting for months. Either she is a private person by nature, or she is saving it up for a whopper with Katie Couric. Of course, she has her kids to think about, and its hard to imagine how they’d benefit from her full disclosure.

What would you do? Would you take the money and give up the right to talk about it? Or would you want the world—and your kids—to hear what you have to say about Tiger Woods?