Tiger Woods Divorce & Kid Details, More Civil Than Anticipated


tiger woods divorce

Tiger Woods’ divorce from Elin Nordegren is about to be finalized, and though the two are barely talking, negotiations have been more civil than expected. That’s the news from, which quotes a source as saying, “Both Tiger and Elin are very close to finishing the negotiations and filing and signing the paperwork.”

According to the report, Elin will get $750 million in the settlement, which is being worked out privately by their lawyers. While talks started out tense, when “Elin had a lawyer in California who was very, very aggressive,” the source says, they’ve quieted down since Elin switched to another attorney. “Things are now very civil between Tiger and Elin—at least in terms of getting the divorce taken care of.” But what about the kids?

There’s no word on a final custody arrangement, but for now, Elin and Tiger Woods’ kids are splitting time between their parents. With Tiger and Elin no longer chummy, the logistics have gotten a bit complicated. “The nannies take the kids and forth between their houses. There’s virtually no conversation between Tiger and Elin, but that’s an improvement from when all the conversation was angry.”