Tiger Woods Gets His Own Bachelor Pad!


Tiger WoodsWell now that’s he’s officially a bachelor again, it seems right that he should have his own bachelor pad! According to, Tiger Woods has moved into a new apartment in downtown Manhattan, where a witness saw Woods “introducing himself as the new neighbor,”
The new apartment marks a new beginning for the embattled Woods, who just last week finalized his divorce with Elin Nordegren after almost six years of marriage. The divorce was the result of Woods’s philandering and all around bad husband behaviour.
While Woods will have his apartment in New York, Nordegren will reportedly split her time between her Orlando home and her estate in Sweden, although that is currently being renovated.
Hopefully this new apartment will be the start of a new beginning for Woods, and that he and Nordegren can start fresh. Hopefully, he has learned from his mistakes and he Elin can work together to parent effectively for the sake of their kids.