Tiger Woods Is The Richest American Athlete: More Money For Child Support?


Sports Illustrated recently released their “Fortunate 50″ list of the highest-earning American athletes, and in somewhat of a surprising twist, Tiger Woods took the top spot.

The golfer raked in $90 million: $20 million in golf winnings, and $70 million in estimated endorsement deals. Though it’s not shocking that Woods is on the list at all, we can’t help but be slightly surprised that he still made it to the very top, despite the rather rough year he’s had. After all, a sex scandal and major tarnishing of your public image can seriously affect earnings, especially when most of them are coming from endorsements.

It’s true that Woods did lose some of his endorsement earnings in the wake of his sex scandal. The 34-year-old got about $22 million less in endorsement deals compared to 2009, due to many sponsors deciding to abandon him and his new negative image. But, his golf winnings, which were more than the previous year, kept him at the top and kept his total earnings only about $10 million less than the previous year.

So, what is Woods going to do with that money? We have an idea: Pay it forward to ex-wife Elin Nordegren and his two kids. He may have really messed up their lives this year; the least he can do is support them financially as much as possible.