Tiger Woods May Have a New Girlfriend


Reports claim that monogamy-challenged Tiger Woods may have a new gal-pal since he’s been spotted more than once with the same “beautiful blond” — and it’s not estranged wife Elin Nordegren. Given all of his indiscretions, couldn’t he wait until the divorce goes through — or is at least is officially filed — before getting a girlfriend?  Lord knows the man has had enough female companionship (if you get my drift) to last a lifetime. Here’s what a source said:

“He hit some balls on the driving range while she sat in the cart,” the eyewitness told “Then he took a break and sat next to her in the cart.

“They were chatting and obviously very comfortable with each other. She was laughing at everything he said.”

Yeah, because everyone knows Tiger Wood is known for his hilarity… Meanwhile, Nordegren is in China with the kids visting her brother and contemplating a move to South Florida.  Which is far enough away from Tiger to build her own life but close enough for him to have easy access to the kids. Has anyone in history ever acted classier when facing such a legendary scandal? I think not.