Tiger Woods Misses Daughter's Birthday, Loses Face in Public


Tiger Woods Sam

Tiger Woods’ kids are getting used to disappointment, mostly at the hands of their father. Tiger missed his son Charlie’s first birthday in February because he (Tiger Woods, Charlie is clean!) was in rehab. “It’s something I regret and probably will for the rest of my life,” he said. At that time, he vowed not to miss another birthday. Now is reporting that Tiger missed daughter Sam’s birthday on June 18. Whoops, talk about publicly breaking a promise! Face, lost. Details below. No word yet on whether Tiger regrets this missed-birthday, too. 

Woods was playing in the U.S. Open during Sam’s birthday — but rumor had it that estranged wife Elin Nordegren was planning to fly Sam out to Calif., so that Tiger Woods, Sam, and the rest of the family could spend the day together. Instead, reports, Elin threw a party for Sam back in Florida.

Who’s to blame here? I hate to give Tiger any credit, but this may be a case of Elin refusing to bring the kids to him in anger, resentment, or any of the other feelings she’s deservedly harboring (the U.S. Open only happens once a year, did she expect him to sit it out?). It would fit right in with her fight to get Tiger’s Jupiter Island house in the divorce. There’s no reason for her to play nice after what he’s put her through. For the kids, though, a flight to the U.S. Open might have been a good idea.

Yes, Tiger Woods, divorce is a nasty business.

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