Tiger Woods Shacked Up At Billionaire's House?


Tiger WoodsWhere is Tiger Woods today? Us magazine claims he’s living in Long Island.

A source says that billionaire Jim Dolan reached out to Tiger a week after the scandal.

Dolan is CEO of cablevision and owner of Madison Square Garden and the New York Knicks.

“Tiger’s been seeing a shrink who goes to Dolan’s house,” says the source.

Dolan’s rep denies this news claiming, “It is categorically false and preposterous on its face.”

But the source reveals otherwise. “He’s the one keeping him under the radar. Jet-setting everywhere. I know Tiger’s flown on Jim’s jet from Florida probably three times.”

This spy also says that one of Dolan’s jets flew wife Elin and the kids from Switzerland to Florida on January 1. This part conflicts with the story that Elin was at a ski resort on that day so who can we believe?