Tiger Woods' Team Tried To Pay Off Witness


women_holding_money_face_2-1The women involved with Tiger Woods aren’t the only ones with the chance to cash in on their affairs…turns out even friends are being luring with riches.

According to, Tiger’s team tried to shut up one of Rachel Uchitel pals to the tune of $200,000. Ashley Samson was the first to go public with details about Tiger’s affair with Rachel. And she is now saying the golfer’s people wanted her to change her story and deny that Tiger had the affair and that they’d pay her $200,000 to do it.

Ashley said that before Tiger vaguely came out with confirmation of his “transgressions” that, “He wanted me to say that I was not telling the truth about them and that I was withdrawing my statements he was cheating on his wife with Rachel.” But someone associated with Tiger’s team said they just didn’t want Ashley to spill more beans and they weren’t asking that she recant.  Tiger’s team also supposedly hired private investigators to try to dig up dirt on the people going public on the affair/s.

Now, that would be a whole lot private eyes!