Tiger Woods' Wife Wants Sole Custody of Their Kids


Divorce negotiations between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren continue, and while a few weeks ago it looked like the sticking point was financial—she wanted $750 million, he wanted her to sign a lifetime confidentiality agreement—it now appears that the real battle is going to be over the kids.

Elin Nordegren has reportedly decided not to agree to any joint custody agreement, instead opting to pursue full legal custody of their two kids, Sam, 3, and Charlie, 1. And according to Radar Online, Tiger doesn’t plan to give up his kids without a fight.

What a shame.

Right now, Elin and Tiger have an informal arrangement going on whereby they seem to share the children. They live a mile apart, in separate houses and the kids go back and forth. Now, I can understand Elin not wanting to spend the rest of her life practically sharing a driveway with the man who cheated on her with every woman who passed him in the street. I get that.

But should she really be asking him to abdicate any legal rights he has to make decisions about his kids’ well-being? Forget about where they live or who they spend more time with. What if one of them needs surgery? What if one of them develops a drug problem? What if one of them is diagnosed with autism or has other special needs? If he doesn’t have any custody, wouldn’t he lose the ability to have any input about courses of treatment, or decisions about schools, or anything of that nature? It’s a lot to give up, and frankly, despite all that he’s put his family through, I’m not sure his wife has a right to ask it of him.

What do you think? Should Tiger Woods give Elin Nordegren full legal custody of their kids, or is she taking this too far?