Tiki Barber Tries To Lowball Wife In Divorce Settlement


Former Giants’ great and current jerk Tiki Barber and his estranged wife Ginny, who just gave birth to twins a few weeks ago, met in court yesterday to begin to hash out a divorce settlement.

Tiki left his wife of eleven years out of the blue and in the midst of her pregnancy for a 23 year old blond. And since that is not enough of a scumbag move, he is now trying to low-ball Ginny in court.

“Tiki is being cheap and not offering her anything near the sum she needs for her and their [four] children,” a source tells The NY Post.

Tiki and Ginny chatted outside the courtroom before meeting before the judge with their lawyers.

“Nothing was agreed in court. They are still arguing over money,” the source said.

Tiki has a ton of money so there is no reason for him to be stingy except for greed. Let’s hope the judge orders him to pay up.


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