Tila Tequila Rushed to Hospital!


tila-tequila-hospitalized-pregnantAttention-seeking, allegedly-pregnant Tila Tequila was rushed to an LA hospital last night.

And how do we know this? Because, like every other second of her life, she Twittered it. “i just fell off of my chair, slammed my head into the wall and heard the back of my skull crack. theres a dent in it now!” she Tweeted around midnight.

Then Tila recalled Natasha Richardson, who died last March from a brain hemorrhage after hitting her head during a skiing mishap. “I should call the ambulance just in case? like that one actress that died cuz she hit her head & thought she was ok but died later..pray 4 me,” she wrote.

But all you Tila Tequila fans (I know there’s at least a few of you out there – somewhere) needn’t worry their pretty little heads — according to her agent Tila is going to survive. “Tila suffered a concussion and wouldn’t [sic] be able to tweet any further updates. Tila was released from the hospital and returned home last night,” he wrote.