Tila Tequila's Engagement to Casey Johnson Was A Hoax?


casey tilaIn the wake of the death of Johnson & John heiress Casey Johnson, rumors have been flying.  For starters, Tila Tequila (Casey’s supposed fiance) is reportedly attempting to get custody of Casey’s daughter Ava. The second and far juicier rumor is that the relationship between Tila and Casey was all just part of a wild publicity stunt from the get-go.

That would serious complicate Tila’s quest to gain custody of Ava, don’t you think?

According to TMZ, two of Casey’s close friends have come forward, saying that Casey called them separately and let them in on the secret: she and Tila were not really together at all. In fact, Casey reportedly told them that it was “all for show,” i.e. to hype Tila’s new website.

What’s more is that these friends claim that Tila and Casey had never even met until 3 days before they made their infamous engagement video.

Even if Tila and Casey were seriously engaged, Tila still wouldn’t have any legal standing to make a case for custody. So it appears that Tila’s spiel about seeking custody of Ava is definitely “all for show.” For shame.