Tim Burton's Frankenweenie! Check Out the Trailer Here (Video)


I hate being impatient. But yes, I’ll have to deal with waiting, waiting for the debut of Tim Burton’s newest masterpiece Frankenweenie. The film won’t be playing in a theater near you or me until October 5th, 2012.

Based on Tim Burton’s short live action film circa 1984, this Frankenweenie returns Burton to a format he loves, stop motion. The film is an extremely detailed and beautifully filmed 3D spectacular, and I should know. I was lucky enough to have paid a visit to the set last year. (Check out a piece about my set visit right here.)

But to get us all in the mood to take yet another marvelous and magical journey with this master filmmaker is a taste of what is to come…a brand new trailer for his Frankenweenie!

Check it out right here: