Tim Burton's Frankenweenie: Why I Can Not Wait Until October 5th


You know what’s sucks? Only seeing twenty minutes of a movie when you really want to see every single glorious seconds. It’s like having just one Hershey kiss, one solitary French fry, or one sip of a very fine wine…you just want more. That’s the sensation that I had when I was lucky enough to see a sneak preview of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie.  But I use the term “lucky” loosely, if I was truly lucky I would have been able to see the whole shebang.  That day will have to wait until it opens…

on October 5th.  The film tells the tale of a young boy who loses his beloved dog, he, in a Frankenstein-ish inspiration, reanimates his dog, and as you can assume, hi-jinx ensues. Gorgeous, black and white, totally stylized hi-jinx at that.

I have a personal reason why I, for one, am so anxious to see the rest of the newest masterpiece by Tim Burton I was able to go to the set in London and see how the film was made firsthand and what I saw was beautiful, mesmerizing and magical, three words that can easily translate to the sneak peek of the finished product that I saw in a screening room in Burbank, California.   And I wasn’t the only one who has proverbial ants in their pants for the finished product. My six-year-old daughter was by my side and loved what she saw too, but at her young age, she can also rattle off Tim Burton’s resume so she was pretty much sold on frame one.  Trying to explain to her that mommy couldn’t force the nice people of Walt Disney Pictures to show us the rest of the movie, that was another story (and yes, she’s still mad). But that just shows that Tim Burton is on to something. For that kind of yearning to see all of it from mom to daughter, well that says a whole lot doesn’t it.

Check out this amazing Behind the Scenes Featurette to get a a taste of what to expect: