Tim McGraw's Daughters Just Say No to Facial Hair


Tim McGrawTim McGraw’s new look isn’t impressing his three daughters with Faith Hill, who say his beard makes him look old. (Maybe they should be more worried about that hat?)  McGraw’s increasing facial hair is for his new role co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow where she plays a country music singer — and will sing in the movie — and he plays her husband and manager in Love Don’t Let Me Down.

McGraw says everyone “will be surprised” by how well Gwyneth sings. To see the gray-ish beard in full bloom, click here.  McGraw told daughter Gracie, 12, who dislikes his beard the most: “I told her I was gonna grow it out and do a big beard combover and try to get it over the top of my head.”

Well, that might be better than the hat…