Time Cover Model Jamie Lynn Grumet Plans To Breastfeed Until Her Son Is 5

Yep, it's this cover again.

By now, I’m sure everyone has seen or heard about Time Magazine’s controversial cover of mom Jamie Lynn Grumet breastfeeding her almost 4-year-old son, Aram with the headline “Are You Mom Enough.” Moms everywhere are sounding off on the cover in their Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds and boy, is everyone pissed.

Jamie stopped by the Today Show on Friday morning to talk about why she decided to pose for the magazine’s cover and she had this to say:

“I understand some of the breast-feeding advocates are actually upset about this.”

As far as her personal choice to breastfeed her son at age 4, she says, “I think that it gives my children a strong bond. It’s not right for everybody. You need to do what’s best for your baby and for your own family,” adding that she plans on breastfeeding him until he is about 5.

Tell us, when do you think about this whole ordeal? While I really don’t mind that Jamie is breastfeeding her child and is still doing it at his age (which I applaud her for), I just don’t get why it has to be done so publically. If you believe in attachment parenting, by all means do it, but just don’t shove it down my throat and make me feel bad because I’m not so heavily into it.


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