Time to Baby-Proof: Kendra Wilkinson's Baby Starts to Crawl


kendra wilkinsonBetter get out the baby gate “Girls Next Door” and “Kendra” star Kendra Wilkinson’s little one is starting to crawl!

Eight-month-old Hank IV, named for daddy Hank Baskett, began moving around earlier this week, and his mom says he’s getting pretty good.

But she also says she’s not one to baby her baby.

“When he’s falls, I’m like, ‘You better get up!'” Wilkinson tells Us Weekly. “I’m not the mom that’s going to make him a little wuss. He doesn’t fall hard. He’ll look at me like, ‘Okay!'”

Just keep in mind, Kendra, if he’s like most babies, his first destination will be the stairs.


Photo: PR Photos