Time Traveler Caught on Film: Charlie Chaplin Cell Phone Video Explained

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Have you seen the time traveler caught on film?

Have you seen the time traveler caught on film? A viral video that some believe shows a time traveler caught on film in Charlie Chaplin’s “The Circus,” showing a woman who appears to be taking on a cell phone, has gone viral.

There are plenty of explanations for the “time traveler” caught on film and I’ve enjoyed reading some of the theories for the Charlie Chaplin cell phone woman.

Filmmaker George Clarke made the YouTube video to show the time traveler in Charlie Chaplin’s film a woman walks by and appears to be talking on a cell phone, or some black device that she has held to her head with her fingers curled around it.

She also looks to be talking into the cell phone.

Is this a time traveler caught on film? Well, I’m not a believer, and most of the comments I’ve read aren’t buying into the notion either.

Some have suggested that the woman is using a hearing aid device of the time that would be held to the ear. Then who is she talking to?

Is she a time traveler sending a message back to the future? Heh.

I’ve seen explanation that she may be talking with the man that appears walking ahead of her.

What do you make of the time traveler caught on film? Can you explain it?

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