Tina Fey, "30 Rock" Lead Emmy Nominees



The Emmy nominees were released this week and to the surprise of no one, Tina Fey’s 30 Rock got nominated for just about every category it could possibly qualify for.

OK, dominating the list of nominations isn’t exactly as sweet as taking home more Emmy awards than you can cram into your trunk, but hopefully that’s the next step.

Dominating the list of nominees is still a pretty awesome achievement… even more so when you consider that the writer/producer/star of the show has a 3 year old at home.

On the show, Liz Lemon tries to adopt, but of course her circumstances conspire to make her seem like a completely unfit parent. In real life, she and her husband Jeff Richmond have a daughter named Alice Zenobia who actually helps her mom look like a genius.

Says Jane Krakowski (who plays Jenna Maroney):

“Some of the great catchphrases of ‘30 Rock’ have come from Alice. Like, ‘I want to go (to)there!’ – that’s Alice. It’s so funny because I hear people say it on the street, and that was (Tina’s) daughter! There are other things that Alice came up with as well, like ‘normal sauce’ and ‘crazy putty.’ These words are 30 Rock vocabulary. They’re hilarious – and they’re all Alice!”