Tina Fey and Baby Penelope: First Photo!

Tina Fey baby Penelope first photo
Tina Fey

The first baby photo of Tina Fey’s little Penelope has turned up, as Fey and little Penelope were snapped out and about at the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.

Tina Fey, husband Jeff Richmond, their 5-year-old daughter Alice and 2-month-old Penelope Athena were seen enjoying the beautiful weather together.

Penelope looks like a total chubby cheeked cutie, as a photog snapped a pic of Penelope in her stroller.

Fey was wearing some mom casual clothing, just like any regular mom would wear at the park. How refreshing! (Take note, Victoria Beckham.)

Can’t wait to see more photos of the happy family!



What is Tina Fey’s no-fail parenting advice?

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