Tina Fey is on Top: Best Selling Book, Killed as SNL Host [Video]


tina-fey-snl-sarah-palinTina Fey was a top mom on Mother’s Day! Fey hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and her book Bossypants is a New York Times bestseller!  The funniest mom in America spoofed Sarah Palin and did a skit on child birth that was laugh out loud funny.

As always, Tina Fey made fun of herself, showing off her baby bump on national TV as the host of SNL–the show was so good with Tina as the host.  It’s scary how well Tina Fey can imitate Sarah Palin.  The funny mom morphed into Sarah Palin for a skit about a Palin-Donald Trump debate, she was so good.

Another SNL over-the-top funny skit was a parody of TV show, Pregnant In Heels.  The comedy show roasted pretious host Rosie Pope as well as the upscale Bravo TV audience:

(For example, when Tina Fey tells the delivery room doctor: “Don’t cut the cord! I might want to return it!”).

Get your Tina Fey comedy fix by watching the Tina Fey Pregnant in Heels Spoof and the Tina Fey Natural Childbirth Skit.

Photo: SNL