Tina Fey Bump Watch Photos: Fey at Barnes and Noble Bossypants Book Signing (Video)

tina fey pregnant bump watch bossypants
Tina Fey baby bump at Barnes and Noble book signing

Now that we know Tina Fey is pregnant, it’s bump watch time! Check out these photos of Tina Fey’s baby bump at a recent Barnes and Noble book signing / Q&A event, then watch the video below of her appearance.

Tina Fey had a huge turnout at the Union Square Barnes and Noble, where she was promoting and signing her new book, “Bossypants.”

Fey wore a billowy black blouse and black pants and barely looked like she was sporting much of a baby bump at all – but a side profile did reveal the tiniest bit of a baby belly!

During Fey’s Barnes and Noble appearance, she spoke about how she got her start, getting hired as a writer on SNL and creating 30 Rock.

As for writing her book, Bossypants, Tina Fey jokes that Snooki inspired her to do it: “I was having lunch with Snooki, and she was like, ‘Just do it. You have a voice.’ ”

Tina Fey also credits her 5-year-old daughter, Alice, with providing some inspiration for Fey’s writing: “Between 2 and 3 [years old] she was inadvertently writing a lot for Tracy Jordan.” Fey tells of Alice playing with Barbies and having one doll say to the other, “You know the most romantic part of the human body is the butt.”

Fey joked, “How has Tracy not said that?”

Tina Fey hosts SNL in May.