Tina Fey Gayle King Show: Second Baby vs Only Child (Video)

Tina Fey Gayle King show
Tina Fey Gayle King show

Tina Fey talks with Gayle King about her decision to have a second baby, which wasn’t so clear at the end of her book Bossypants, as Fey struggled with the decision. Her ultimate mindset was to believe that in the end everything would be fine.

Fey said she knows the sex of the baby, but doesn’t have “family permission to share.”

Does Tina have a preference for boy or girl? She says she’s “loved having a girl,” but said no matter what the sex, “we’ll be fine.”

Fey also talks about the debate over having an only child in New York, saying that people were grateful that she wrote about it, but she worried she’d let them down having another! She says “It’s completely great to have just one.”

Gayle King mentions Tina Fey’s quote that “In the end, everything will be fine and if you disagree, tell me through the cracks of the bathroom.”

Has Tina ever had that happen? No, but she shares she was once “in the stirrups” and was asked about improv.


Check out Tina Fey, from SNL to motherhood in this fun slideshow!

Do you have an only child? Do you believe siblings are a better family dynamic, or would you rather give your love to just one child?

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