Tina Fey Goes Rogue as Sarah Palin on Letterman (Video)


tina fey sarah palinDemocrats across the country may still be licking their wounds following Tuesday’s elections, but there is an upside to the Republican resurgence in the midterm elections.  We get to see Tina Fey pull her Sarah Palin out of the closet and back onto the late night TV shows!

Tina Fey made her first re-appearance as Sarah Palin during an appearance on last night’s The Late Show with David Letterman.  

See Tina Fey go rogue as Sarah Palin on The Late Show….


I was trying to remember how to do it,” said Fey before pulling out her spot-on Palin impression.  “Mama grizzlies are going to Washington, and they’re gonna flip your picnic table, Dave.”

The best part of the interview was when Tina pointed out the tendency for Fox News to continually refer to Palin as Governor Palin saying it was “like calling me Dairy Queen employee. I was once. But I quit.”

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