Tina Fey Knows the Sex of Her Baby, But Won't Tell David Letterman, Oprah (Video)

Tina Fey pregnant David Letterman full interview video
Tina Fey knows the sex of the baby, won't tell!

Tina Fey knows the sex of her baby, but she’s not telling David Letterman or even Oprah! Watch Tina Fey’s interview with David Letterman in this video clip, as Tina talks about the decision to have a second child and to announce it on Oprah.

Fey says that she’ll find out the sex of the baby, but if you watch through to the end of the interview, you’ll see she reveals she really knows!

Letterman isn’t happy that Tina announced her pregnancy on Oprah… Fey said “We’re best friends and I dare you to prove otherwise in a court of law.”

She said she decided to announce it there because she couldn’t hide her baby bump any more.

Tina Fey also talks about the possibility of having a son and the change up of going from Barbies to dinosaurs.

When Letterman asks if she knows what the sex of the baby will be, Fey responds, “I probably jinxed it. It’ll probably be like a lesbian paleontologist.”

She said that Tracy Morgan didn’t hear that she was pregnant or notice her baby bump when they were both on Oprah and she thinks he still doesn’t know!

At the end, Letterman congratulates Fey, shaking her hand and saying, “You know what it is, right?” and Fey replies, “I do.”

Do you think Tina Fey will have another girl? Or is a boy in her future?

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