Tina Fey on Toddlers, Celeb Moms' Advice on Motherhood


Tina Fey/30 RockTina Fey is making us laugh hard this week! The celebrity mom’s Prayer for a Daughter is an Internet sensation but this funny mama had some more hilarious blurbs about motherhood this week.

In an interview with GQ, the star of 30 Rock discussed her pregnancy and why it’s okay to curse out a kid.  Tina Fey told GQ:

“I think that any person being an a*shole deserves it. Especially toddlers–they’re total d-bags. You gotta let them know.”

Marcia Cross says she uses humor as the mom of twins Eden and Savannah.

“I use humor instead of that whole yes-and-no thing.”
Celeb mom Naomi Watts offers a little advice for new moms.  Naomi, is the mother of Sasha, 3, and Sammy, 1 and  advises parents to PLAN AHEAD.

“Think ahead: Is there milk in the fridge?”

Can I hear an AMEN for that one?  Any mother who has gone for milk at midnight will tell you…

Sarah Jessica Parker shares:

“I must be the only woman to get cravings AFTER giving birth as well as during it.”

But one of my favorite bits of mom advice comes from celeb mom Cate Blanchett:

“I refuse to worry about all that fitness stuff. Being a mother is exercise enough for me.”

Photo: NBC/30 Rock

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