Tina Fey SNL Host: Fey Shows off Baby Bump May 7 SNL (Video)

tina fey snl host pregnant
Tina Fey SNL host May 7

Tina Fey SNL host promo videos are here, as Tina Fey shows off her baby bump for her May 7 hosting duties.

In these SNL videos, Tina Fey looks gorgeous, holding her pregnant belly while swearing like a trucker. We love you, Tina!

She runs down the list of curse words she can’t say on live TV and Kenan Thompson notes, “Wow, I’ll be needing to write some of those down.”

Fey jokes, “F**k yeah, I’m swearing for two these days!”

Watch this SNL promo video, where Tina Fey also jokes about being pregnant, showing off her maternity clothes that are oh-so-sexy: “I’ll be wearing outfits like this one, to show just how hot pregnant women are,” adding, “Yeah.. you like that? You like panels?”

In another SNL video, Tina Fey jokes about her alien baby!

Tina Fey rocks as SNL host!