Tina Fey Spoofs Pregnant in Heels: Hilarious Video!

pregnant in heels snl
Pregnant in Heels takes on Tina Fey as a client in the SNL spoof

I watch Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels” with a sick sort of fascination: are there really expectant mothers who have such crazy demands?  I can’t turn away from Rosie Pope and her clients.  The SNL skit even has Rosie Pope explaining what is wrong with her voice. 

On last night’s SNL, Tina Fey played one of Rosie’s clients, coming up a plan for how she wanted her baby’s birth to go. From who she wanted in the delivery room(no doctors made her list) to wanting a water birth with Diet Coke instead, to not wanting her child to be born naked because that is “disgusting.”

I’d love to see Tina Fey actually be on “Pregnant in Heels!”

Watch the video here and be sure to pay attention to the end, to get a good giggle over the names of other Bravo shows:

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