Tina Fey Talks About Getting Pregnant Again, Being a Working Mom

Tina Fey pregnant
Tina Fey talks about pregnancy

Tina Fey is pregnant, but it wasn’t without some consideration. Fey explains the decision to get pregnant again in her new book, “Bossypants,” writing, “I went for my annual checkup and, tired of carrying this anxiety around, burst into tears the moment she said hello.”

Fey continues, “I laid it all out for her, and the main thing I took away from our conversation was the kind of simple observation that only an impartial third party can provide: ‘Either way, everything will be fine.’ ”

During a taping for The Oprah Winfrey Show, Tina Fey revealed that she’s five months pregnant, so yes… everything will be fine!

In Bossypants, Fey talks about balancing it all and approaching her 40s, noting that she felt “stricken with guilt and panic” because her daughter Alice would say, “I wish I had a baby sister.”

When Tina couldn’t sleep at night, thoughts of a second baby took over: “I get up to go to the bathroom and study myself in the mirror,” Fey writes in her book. “Do I look like someone who should be pregnant? I look good for 40, but I have the quaggy jawline and hollow cheeks of a mom, not a pregnant lady. It’s now or never. This decision can’t be delayed.”

Still, she wondered about how work would figure into the mix, but rationalized, “What’s so great about work anyway? Work won’t visit you when you’re old. Work won’t drive you to get a mammogram and take you out after for soup.”