Tina Fey To Give Her Daughter The Best Gift Ever. Like Ever. No, Really.


Tina Fey’s daughter Alice, 4, is a lucky girl. Her mom is Tina Fey!

Aside from having the funniest mom on the planet, Alice also gets some major perks when it comes to meeting Hollywood’s hottest names. This weekend she’ll get the gift of meeting one of them.

If she’s like anyone else in this country under three feet tall, she’s gotta be out-of-her-mind excited.  Any guesses to who she’ll be introduced to?

Justin Bieber!

Tina is hosting SNL this weekend along with the tiny pop phenomenon and has said she’ll bring Alice to the set.

“My little daughter will probably like him. I only have a nephew, so I think if I had nieces, they would be more excited. He’s adorable.”

Some kids get ponies, some get designer outfits (yeah, we’re looking at you Suri), and some get oodles of toys. I’m pretty sure Justin Bieber beats all of the above.

Full disclosure: Even I’m jealous!


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