Tina Fey's Daughter Wants To Be Bacon-Eating Robot For Halloween


tina-fey-alice-premiereIf you’re like me — meaning you have good taste and an even better sense of humor — you’ve be anticipating last night 30 Rock premiere for the last 6 months and you knew that Tina Fey was on Letterman last night. If not, you missed a classic discussion on how to gracefully and subtly nudge a child towards or away from a particular Halloween costume.

Apparently, Tina’s 4-year-old is now reaching that glorious/annoying age where children start forming opinions of their own and you have to start bargaining with them over crap like Halloween costumes. Tina says that Alice has narrowed her options down to the following: a “barbie butterfly princess thing,” or a “robot that eats bacon.”

At least she doesn’t want to wear a Kate Gosselin wig!

Obviously, Tina is quietly campaigning for the bacon-eating robot costume. What a freakin awesome costume idea. We knew that Tina’s daughter is a ghostwriter on 30Rock, but she might be just as innovative when it comes to costume design.

Here’s wishing that Tina wins that debate. Check out video of the Late Show interview, the Halloween talk starts around the 5 minute mark.