Tip Toes Spoiler Alert: Daniel Tosh 'Tosh.0'


tosh.0 tiptoes

Daniel Tosh stars in the Comedy Central series, Tosh.0 and the web was buzzing last night about Tosh’s Tiptoes Spoiler Alert! Visit the Tiptoes Spoiler Alert link but if you don’t know who Daniel Tosh is or you’ve never seen Tosh.0, I’ve got you covered.

Daniel Tosh is the host of Tosh.0, which shows Internet video clips delivered with a high dose of snark and totally inappropriate humor!  Tosh pushes the envelope, even for Comedy Central, which is saying quite a bit.

The only reason I know about Tosh.0 is because of my hip teen daughter.  My daughter and her friends LOVE Tosh.0, and they think he is the coolest thing ever.

Tosh.0 premiered on June 5, 2009. Daniel Tosh and Tosh.0 made headlines last summer because he beat Comedy Central kings Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in ratings!

Tosh.0 is currently the highest rated show on Comedy Central. The show averages 2.2 million viewers per episode, beating The Daily Show by 200,000 viewers and is beating The Colbert Report by 800,000 viewers.

You can check out Tosh.0 Tuesday nights at 10pm EST/9pm CST on Comedy Central.