Tip Toes: Tosh.0 Slams the Movie: What Is It About?


tip toesHave you ever watched Tosh.O?  His humor is a little dry and he tends to be crude: definitely not a show that you can watch while the kids are awake!

But, last night, Tosh.O was slamming the Matthew McConaughey movie Tip Toes.  You can find out more about Daniel Tosh and watch his Tip Toes Spoiler alert.  You might want to wait until your children aren’t around or your boss isn’t about to walk past your computer.

But, what is Tip Toes really about?

Tip Toes was a 2004 Official Sundance Film Festival Selection, starring Matthew McConaughey, Gary Oldman, Peter Dinklage, and Kate Beckinsale.  The story is about a couple who is expecting a baby. The girlfriend isn’t aware that most of the boyfriend’s family are dwarfs.

If you have watched Tosh.O, you know that this is perfect fodder for his show. Has anyone actually watched this movie? What did you think about Tip Toes?