Tired of Charlie Sheen? Get Tinted Sheen, Charlie Sheen Browser Blocker!

charlie sheen browser blocker
Tired of Charlie Sheen?

Are you tired of Charlie Sheen, tigerblood and winning?  Get Tinted Sheen, the Charlie Sheen Browser Blocker!

A new browser extension for Chrome and Firefox can black out all mentions of Sheen and his crazy antics as you surf the web! You can download Tinted Sheen today unless you just have to know the latest scoop on Charlie Sheen’s custody battle, or you just love to hear the term #winning!

Thanks to Mashable for the news about Tinted Sheen. The new browser extension was created up by Greg Leuch.

Mashable reports that Leuch “also created a hack that turns your Twitter icon into an animated GIF, and JESS3”²s Ex-Blocker plugin and does basically the same thing as Tinted Sheen, just with exes.”

Of course, if you still love Sheen’s Corner and need your Tigerblood t-shirt, there is plenty of Sheen to go around.  Today’s news on the troubled actor show that he continues the 24/7 live show about a troubled celebrity spiraling down.

Sheen had a meeting at Live Nation, then went onto the roof of the Beverly Hills building and waved a machete around. When asked about how be felt about being fired from Two and a Half Men he declared “Free at last … free at last.”

Get Tinted Sheen today.