TJ Lavin Accident: Update on TJ Lavin Coma, Plus The Challenge Cast's Get Well (Video)

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TJ Lavin accident update: making improvements

TJ Lavin’s accident last week has fans looking for a TJ Lavin health update daily. While TJ Lavin continues to show signs of improvement, he is also battling pneumonia while in a medically-induced coma.

TJ Lavin’s accident during the Dew Tour Championships last week left the pro biker seriously injured when he crashed into the ground on a jump gone wrong.

Although Lavin is in critical condition, his brain is reportedly doing better, with TJ’s business manager and friend Chas Aday telling, “Everything is good there. Doctors are not expecting any [brain damage], but we’re just not going to know until he wakes up if there is any loss or how bad it is going to be.”

Lavin is expected to come out of the coma once the tubes are removed, though there’s been no clear reporting on when that will be. In the meantime, Aday says that Lavin is “responding well” and “squeezing our hands… is coherent, but not fully awake.”

To show their support and love, some of The Challenge: Cutthroat cast appeared following last night’s episode to send a get well message out to TJ Lavin check them out in the video clip below. TJ Lavin hosts the Real World/Road Rules Challenge on MTV.