TJ Lavin Update: He Had Surgery Yesterday

TJ Lavin
TJ Lavin Had Surgery Yesterday

Fans of TJ Lavin are all pulling for him to make a full recovery after his BMX bike crash last week in Las Vegas. The accident was certainly a wake-up call and served as a reminder to parents and kids of just how dangerous extreme sports can be. TJ took the proper safety precautions and was wearing a helmet, but he was still seriously injured.

TJ Lavin’s condition is improving day by day, and yesterday, he underwent surgery to repair his shattered wrist. A family source said that he may need another surgery later on to get it right.

This past Saturday, Lavin’s mom updated a friend on his condition via text message and said, “Neuro came and spoke to T.J. He moved his hands around and he gave the docs a thumbs-up. He is not conscious.  He’s back on sedation to rest and minimize brain swelling.”

A source close to the family adds, “He hasn’t opened his eyes yet and he’s still unconscious because of all the medication but he’s able to respond to stimulation he squeezed his mom’s hand this weekend.”

Doctors are hopeful that TJ did not suffer any brain damage, though that cannot be confirmed until he is conscious again.

We are all praying for TJ!