TJ Lavin Update: He's Speaking To Family Members

TJ Lavin
TJ Lavin Speaking & Breathing On His Own

After TJ Lavin’s horrific bike accident in Las Vegas over a week ago, fans everywhere have been hoping and praying that he pulls through ok. TJ was put into a medically induced coma after the crash to reduce swelling in his brain.

He underwent surgery last week to repair a shattered wrist, and now his family and friends report that he is slowly improving, day by day. He has even been speaking to them a little bit.

Hi business partner and friend, Chas Aday, says, “He’s answering questions. “He’ll say ‘yes’ a little bit and he knows where he is, but he’s not opening his eyes yet.”

Lavin also had his feeding and breathing tubes removed on Thursday, which is a great sign of recovery. Doctors do not think that TJ suffered any brain damage in the accident. He will however, need rehab after he leaves the hospital.

Aday could not confirm a date on when TJ would be released from the hospital, though he thought it could be another week.