TJ Lavin Update: TJ Lavin Improving After Bike Crash Accident

tj lavin health update accident crash coma
TJ Lavin health update

A TJ Lavin update today: TJ Lavin is improving after the BMX bike crash accident last week that left Lavin severely injured.

TJ Lavin has been in a medically induced coma since the Dew Tour Championship stunt Thursday where Lavin crashed his bike while attempting a “nac nac” jump combination.

Reports are coming in that TJ Lavin’s condition is improving, with his mother, Barbara, sending a text message to Lavin’s friend, Tim “Fuzzy” Hall, reading: “Neuro came and spoke to T.J. He moved his hands around and he gave the docs a thumbs up. He is not conscious. He’s back on sedation to rest and minimize brain swelling.”

TJ Lavin suffered brain bleeding, an orbital fracture on his eye and a fractured right wrist after he could not get his feet on the bike pedals, sending Lavin crashing into the ground.

Chris Aday, Lavin’s business partner, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that TJ was planning to retire: “He kept making comments like, ‘Well, this is my last one,’ ” Aday said.

Aday also gave MTV a TJ Lavin health update that sounded promising: “They took him off sedation … yesterday morning to where he followed some simple commands and then they put him back on sedation.”

Aday continued, “He had an MRI yesterday that came back. They didn’t see any further brain damage or anything but there’s still some swelling there. They took him off the sedation this morning completely but he’s still unconscious.”

Here’s hoping that TJ Lavin has a speedy recovery.