TJ Lavin's Mom Speaks Out About His Condition After Bike Accident

TJ Lavin
Yesterday Was Going To Be TJ Lavin's Last Bike Ride

TJ Lavin, best known as the host of MTV’s The Challenge, is in a medically induced coma at University Medical Center in Las Vegas after he lost control of his BMX bike during an event yesterday. He is listed as in critical, but stable condition.

TJ Lavin’s mother, Barbara is speaking out on her son’s accident and reports that in addition to being in a coma, he also has a broken arm, shattered wrist, and shattered eye socket. The extent of his brain trauma is not yet known.

Barbara also said that 33-year old TJ was getting ready to retire from BMX biking, and that yesterday was supposed to be his last ride. He had been getting too many injuries competing in the sport and was ready to stop.

More details on TJ Lavin’s condition are supposed to be released soon.