Tobey Maguire Is Concerned About School Lunches



Father of two Tobey Maguire has apparently sent letters to his representatives in congress to improve the quality of school lunches. No surprises here, he wants fewer of those nasty ribless rib sandwiches and more vegetarian entrees.

From his letter to Nancy Pelosi:

“As a parent, I am contacting you because I am deeply concerned that unhealthy school lunches are contributing to our nation’s childhood obesity epidemic,” writes Mr. Maguire. “My wife and I just had our second child, so this issue is tremendously important to us…Let me ask you please to ensure the Child Nutrition Act provides more fruits, vegetables, and healthy vegetarian foods. Young people deserve healthful food, and I can’t imagine a better investment in the future of our country.”

Not to dis his effort here, but I’m pretty freaking certain that his kids aren’t in public schools… So I doubt he’s actually “deeply concerned” for the health of his new son Otis or his daughter ruby.

Anyway, I do agree that school lunches suck, and that every parent should send their kids to school with a brown bag.

I remember those horrible salisbury steaks and the square pizzas. Actually, we used to look forward to square pizzas on friday. Geez.

In his letter, Tobey mentioned a school in Chicago that serves only beef nachos every day. I would’ve loved that.


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