Today Show: Robert Downey Jr. Talks Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson (Video)

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Watch Robert Downey Jr.'s Today show interview

Watch Robert Downey Jr. on the Today show in this video clip – Robert Downey Jr. is promoting his new movie, but inevitably gets asked about his thoughts on Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson.

Robert Downey Jr.’s new movie, “Due Date,” which co-stars Zach Galifianakis, is about a nightmare of a road trip that looks pretty hilarious and is getting great reviews.

Downey Jr. talks about the cross-country comedy’s message about the flawed characters ultimately helping each other.

Meredith Vieira talks with Robert Downey Jr. about his second chance and how Mel Gibson helped him out. They have a friendship that spans two decades and Downey Jr. said that Gibson took a chance on him when no one else would.

His thoughts on Mel Gibson: “The way I honor my friendship with him is by not getting too involved in whatever the public discussion is.”

He was also asked about Charlie Sheen, as Meredith Vieira reads a quote from Robert Downey Jr. at his movie premiere that says he’s expected to talk about Sheen because he’s been through it, but he says “I’d rather just talk to Charlie… I’ve known him for ages.”

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