Todd Palin Affair: What Will Sarah Palin Do?


sarah palinDid Todd Palin have an affair with Shailey Tripp? What will Sarah Palin do? The National Enquirer broke the news that Todd Palin had an extramarital affair with Shailey Tripp, a 36-year-old massage therapist. Should Sarah Palin, who is always controversial, address the rumor or face it head on?

Sarah Palin, who recently accused journalists of blood libel after the shootings in Arizona, is pretty outspoken. I’m betting the hockey mom and politician will address the “news” of a Todd Palin affair. Love her or not, Palin doesn’t steer clear of controversy or scandal.

The Enquirer claims to have “evidence” of an affair between Todd Palin and Shailey Tripp based on “official documents” that show Tripp was arrested for prostitution in 2010.  The publication reports that physical evidence obtained in the arrest could tie Sarah Palin’s husband to Shailey.   Read some of the facts from The Enquirer that are the basis for the Todd Palin affair story.

Before you scoff at the source of the affair story, keep in mind The National Enquirer was the media source that broke the news of the John Edwards scandal, long before any “mainstream media” covered it.  I think the jury is still out but I’m taking this report with a big grain of salt until I read more.  What do you think?

Photo: PacificCoastNews