Todd Palin Affair With Shailey Tripp Rumor True? Sarah Palin Smear Campaign?

todd palin affair shailey tripp
Todd Palin Affair With Shailey Tripp Rumors True?

Is the Todd Palin affair rumor true? Did Todd Palin really have an affair with massage therapist Shailey Tripp? The National Enquirer is reporting that Todd Palin cheated on wife, Sarah Palin, with Shailey Tripp, a female massage therapist who was arrested for prostitution earlier this year.

Supposedly the source who tipped on the Enquirer is hinting that the police have some sort of physical evidence against Todd Palin. If there are any truth to these rumors, it wouldn’t be the first time that a potential Presidential candidate was involved in the midst of some sort of adultery scandal.

But doesn’t it seem convenient that the Todd Palin affair story is coming out at a time when the current President’s approval rating is the lowest it’s ever been, and Sarah Palin may actually run for the Presidency? People are going to be looking for a big change in 2012.

Did Todd Palin really have an affair with Shailey Tripp…or is this just another attempted smear campaign against Sarah Palin?