Tom And Gisele Get Sued For Shooting At The Paparazzi


tom-brady-giseleIt’s not like it sounds… Gisele and her baby bump didn’t bust out a shotgun and fire off a few warning shots at photographers sneaking around her backyard. Instead, it was security guards at her wedding in Costa Rica last February allegedly fired shots at prying photographers during the wedding festivities. Either way, Tom and Gisele are the ones getting sued for the incident.

As the story goes, photographers were taking pictures of the Brady-Bundchen wedding from a neighboring property (where they were authorized to be) when security guards approached them and demanded their cameras and memory cards.

Allegedly, one paparazzo was able to escape while the other got taken down with the old arm behind the back move. The captured paparazzo was then allowed back in his SUV to pick up his companion under orders to drive to the Bundchen residence.

When the photographers decided to make a break for it, that’s when guard allegedly opened fire, which “shattered” the vehicle’s back glass and “narrowly missed striking the heads” of the photogs.

For some reason, the guys are going after Gisele and Tom Brady, not the security officers for damages of over $1M. Maybe they think that the pregnant couple will just pay up in order to avoid dealing with all of the legal headaches.

Do you think Gisele and Tom  should be held responsible?