Tom Bosley Passes: Remebering Mr. Cunningham, One of TV's Greatest Dads


Barbara Billingsley, who played June Cleaver, passed away this weekend and now we have lost yet another of classic TV’s iconic parent figures. Tom Bosley, who played the lovable Mr. Cunningham on Happy Days, died today at 83.

Tom had a number of roles and appeared on some of the most popular shows including Car 54, Where Are You?, Route 66, Get Smart, and Bewitched, but it was Happy Daysthat made him a legend. In a roster of famous TV dads he combined Homer Simpson’s bumbling hilarity with Ward Cleaver’s sternness and left out all of the uncaring of Al Bundy.

He was pretty much the perfect dad. Below he talks about the popularity of the show and how despite the leather jackets, burgers at Arnold’s, and The Fonz, it was really a show that centered on family.

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