Tom Brady Needs to Take a Hint from Justin Bieber - Get a Haircut!

tom brady
Tom Brady Needs a Bieber Moment

Tom Brady needs to take a hint from teen heartthrob Justin Bieber — It’s time for a haircut!  Just look at all the attention that Biebs got from shedding is locks (ok… he really just got a bit of a trim) but at least he lost the shaggy look for a bit. 

The quarterback took some heat during the NFL season for his long locks, but now that he’s in the off season Brady is kicking it up a gear by actually rocking a ponytail during his Brazilian vacation.  It was a step we should have seen coming, but we were hoping he would see the light before it came.

“It’s there. I haven’t broken the pony tail out yet,” Brady said of his hair earlier this year. “I gotta really build up some self esteem before I do that because I’m sure I’ll take a lot of heat.”

He may have worked up the self esteem for the ponytail, but it’s really not a step that a grown man needs to take.  We’re hoping that Tom Brady will finally see the light by shedding the ponytail and getting a big boy haircut.  If Justin Bieber can do it, Tom Brady surely can too!

What do you think of Tom Brady’s long locks?   Should Brady man-up and get a haircut?

Photo: Pacific Coast News